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We know that taking the best care of your clients is your top priority, which is why at Three Rivers Health and Wellness our goal is to offer you a professional space where you can confidently and comfortably provide the highest level of care possible. We provide spaces for a variety of practices in wellbeing, where you can rest easy knowing that we take your safety and comfort to heart. Everything from on-site security to fully customizable rooms. There is nothing holding you back from creating the ideal space to not only promote the well being of your clients, but your business as well. So, whether you are a massage therapist, or mental health counselor, we are certain you will feel comfortable calling Three Rivers Health and Wellness home!

Situated near the mall in the shopping and dining district of Kennewick, there is opportunity to organically grow your business through natural visibility. We also provide the option for you to advertise your business through our portal at no additional cost to you. 


Make it Your Own

We offer a number of spaces to fit your practice needs. Personalize your space to create an atmosphere that promotes ultimate healing and calm.

Safety First

Whether you work into the evening after the sun goes down, or burn the weekend hours, rest assured that we take your safety seriously. You will have keys to your space and the entrance to the building is monitored for the safety of both providers and their clients.

Security Cameras
Carrying Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning & Upkeep

We work diligently to make sure restrooms and common spaces stay neat and tidy. That way, you can feel comfortable knowing that your clients can relax in a well maintained space while they wait for their appointment. You are only responsible for your own private space. 

On-Site Laundry

No need to haul your linens to and from the office. We provide on-site laundry to anybody who needs it! You only need to provide your preferred detergent.

Image by Dan Gold
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